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Why Adya Life?

Adya Lifecare is a pioneering start-up in the renal industry. We as a company want to improve quality of life by providing safe and hassle-free mobile and home dialysis and other medical facilities at the doorstep and make it access ible to everyone. Our Mobile Dialysis Facility is specially designed to provide dialysis treatment to patients by reaching them. We also cater the rural areas at subsidized rates where dialysis treatment is inaccessible otherwise.
We provide an extremely valuable and sought after integrated health care and medical assistance services in India with appropriate level of technology usage to create a healthy environment for faster adaptability of advanced technologies, reduction of service costs and provision of quality and affordable healthcare at the doorstep.
We offer the complete spectrum of care in dialysis with access to new technologies, systems, and products. Quality Assurance programs are designed to provide continuous tracking of performance parameters, demonstrating improvement in outcomes over time.

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Dialysis is a treatment that filters and purifies the blood.

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